Portneuf Behavioral Health Services

“It’s good to feel like me again. ”

Portneuf Behavioral Health is dedicated to compassionate, confidential treatment of all patients. With over 75 years combined experience, the behavioral health treatment team includes a licensed psychiatrist, psychologists, social workers, behavioral health technicians, therapists, and nurses.

Customize Treatment

Our professionals customize treatment plans to meet each patient's particular needs in the least restrictive therapeutic environment. We also provide specialized treatment for patients with co-existing psychiatric and chemical dependency problems.

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Care

Portneuf’s Behavioral Health services provides comprehensive behavioral health care for adults aged 18 and older who are faced with the challenges of psychiatric and behavioral health problems. If you have questions about our outpatient behavioral health clinic, please contact us at (208) 239-3815 to schedule a consult.


Portneuf Medical Center offers a 24 hour Emergency Department located at 777 Hospital Way. For more information about other Portneuf Medical Center services, please contact (208) 239-1000.