Cancer Center

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials, or research studies, are an important aspect of Cancer Treatment. Clinical trials help move the basic scientific research from the laboratory to treatments for people. By evaluating the results of these trials, we can find better ways to prevent, detect, and treat cancer. But very few adults with cancer (about 3%) actually participate in clinical trials. We need to test the best cancer prevention, detection, and treatment ideas in the shortest time possible, and this can only happen with participation.

Clinical Trials at Portneuf Cancer Center

Portneuf Cancer Center offers participation of clinical trials as an option for cancer treatment. There are a number of studies available for consideration at our facility. We can also assist patients find studies at other institutions.

Most patients have questions about clinical trial, including questions about safety, confidentiality, and financial concerns. We encourage you to call the Clinical Trials office at (208) 239-1778 with your questions.

Find out more about clinical trials from the National Cancer Institute at