Emergency Services

Average Wait Time: 6 minutes

Whether you have a sore throat or need lifesaving care, our board certified Emergency Medicine physicians are the most experienced and highly trained in eastern Idaho and make it their goal to treat you as soon as possible.

It’s no wonder our patients rate us as giving the “best possible care.”

Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency (TSE) Initiative

Time Sensitive Emergencies include trauma, stroke and heart attack; three of the top five causes of deaths in Idaho. An organized TSE system of care will help reduce the frequency of preventable death, and improve the patient's quality of life. It will get the patient to the right place, in the right time, with the right care.

We all know family or friends who suffered from a heart attack, stroke or trauma. Developing a statewide Time Sensitive Emergency system of care for Idaho is a huge initiative, but one that can reduce preventable deaths and improve the quality of life for survivors.

You can get involved. Find out more about the Idaho TSE initiative. Visit www.tse.idaho.gov.