Portneuf Weight Management Institute

Live Your Dream!

Don't let your struggle with weight rob your quality of life.

What do you dream about? Enjoying a hike? Riding a bike? Playing with your kids? Obesity can not only rob you of ordinary, daily activities, but it can create a number of health problems. Diabetes, high blood pressure and depression can all result from being overweight. These and many other health problems often improve significantly with weight loss.

It's time to live your dream! Portneuf Weight Management Institute can help. Our personalized, holistic approach to weight loss ensures your optimum plan for success. You receive support and counseling from a multidisciplinary team of specialists — all dedicated to you and your dreams of weight loss. Your team includes a nurse practitioner, registered dietitian, physical therapist, psychiatrist, and even a surgeon if necessary. If "diets" always seem to fail, then surgery may be a very good option.

Find out what weight loss and surgical options you have by attending a free informational seminar.

What do you dream about? Let us help you live it!