Portneuf Weight Management Institute

Patient Testimonials

Meet Kate. She's lost 53 pounds in 3 months. Her overall goal is 124. Her results—and her newfound motivation—are the reasons she chose the Portneuf Weight Management Institute.

We offer a comprehensive approach that is unlike anything else in the region. From advanced surgical techniques, to nutrition, to exercise, to learning what triggers poor eating habits, we'll set you up for success and give you the support needed to follow through. Like Kate, you'll be on your way to permanent weight-loss and being well.

Heart on My Sleeve

If you're considering weight-loss surgery, you likely have many important questions, some of which you may share with other potential patients: Do I need it? What is it like? Do I qualify? Can I commit? What will my family and friends think?

In order to shed light on some of these questions, REALIZE® Solution partnered with Tracy. Tracy's story, entitled, "Heart on My Sleeve," provides a glimpse into her life as she asks herself the same questions, manages her weight and health related issues, and takes control. Tracy is honest, optimistic and determined. We hope you'll watch the episodes and visit Tracy's blog to connect with her.

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