Portneuf Women's and Children's Services

Menopause & Aging

Vitality is has much more to do with health than with age. That is why Portneuf offers resources to promote healthy living and healthy aging. Whether you are looking for a board certified gynecologist or a class on weight management, Portneuf can help you make the most out of your golden years.

Here are some examples of the resources we offer:

Fit & Fall Proof

The community education department in conjunction with the Health Department offers a Fit and Fall Proof class several times throughout the year. The purpose is to initiate a physical activity program for older adults who want to improve their health, reduce the risk of falling, and maintain an independent, freely functioning lifestyle. For more information and scheduling, call 239-2430.

Adult Weight Management

Participants will learn how to make small, simple changes to promote a healthier lifestyle and weight loss. Topics will include nutritious snacks for work and home, tips for better fast food and restaurant choices, setting food and exercise goals for weight loss, exercise guidelines for fitness, stress relief without food, and much more! For information and scheduling, call 239-2430.