Patient Online Services

Online Patient Tools*


Online Billing Manager

Make payments either on statements from Portneuf Medical Center or Portneuf Medical Practices

Payments can be made with or without a login; however you will need your Patient Account Number (from your statement) to do so.


Medical Results & Records

Securely access your medical results and records.

You will need to know if your medical results came through the Hospital or through Medical Practices.


Pre-Visit Medical History

Enter your medical history prior to your visit with your provider.

You will need to know the date of your appointment.


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 Hospital or Medical Practices?

Services rendered at a hospital are separated into technical fees and professional fees. The technical fee is the facility charge for a hospital. This charge covers the cost of nursing staff, supplies, and all other hospital operating expenses. Any remaining balance following your hospital visit will come to you in a statement from Portneuf Medical Center. Hospital services may include: Emergency Room, Laboratory, Idaho Medical Imaging, Portneuf Medical Imaging.

In contrast, professional fees are those charged by a healthcare provider such as your physician. This charge covers your healthcare provider’s time and expertise while treating you. If you were seen in the hospital by one of our employed providers or have visited one of our outpatient clinics you will receive a statement with any remaining balance from Portneuf Medical Practices.